Eva Bay Greenslade, Shamanic Healing


Meet the Team

What is Shamanic Healing and how can it help you? We caught up with Eva Bay Greenslade, our Sacred Drum Healing and Postpartum Healing Practitioner, to understand more about what it involves, how she works with her clients and how the practice can help in many areas of life.

How long have you been practicing this therapy?
I have been a doula for four years, a Sacred Drum Healing Practitioner with Steven and Renata Ash through the College of Sound Healing for three years, and Postpartum Healing Practitioner for two years. I am constantly keeping up my learning. I began bringing in Soul Retrieval in autumn last year through the College of Sound Healing, but I have experience with spiritual healing since I was 24.

What are the benefits of your therapy?
Drum healing and soul retrieval are about rebalancing the energy field in our body. Soul retrieval returns soul parts that have separated throughout life.

Postpartum healing is a closing ceremony that works on the energy field, meridian lines, the physical body to help the body to heal itself following birth, miscarriage, menopause, or situations in life that cause us to hold onto emotion, and as women we hold it in our hips.

What first interested you about this practice or motivated you to become a practitioner?
I have had an interest in shamanic dimensions since I was young. I sat in mediumship circles, undertook a shamanic consciousness course, and trance healing in my twenties. I returned to it all in my late 30s when I became a doula. Everything naturally unfolded with my doula work.

Why would you recommend people have this therapy?
Because healing is holistic, we not only need to look after our physical bodies, but we need to look after our spiritual bodies too. They both affect each other like the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang. If one is out of balance, so will the other be.

The sessions I offer are to help your body self heal.

What can people expect when they come for a session with you?
Each session will be different for each individual because it will depend on their own needs. You will be invited to lay on the couch, while I work around you using my drum, rattle, feather and asking my allies to guide the work.

With the closing ceremonies you can expect similar, but these will involve massage, wrapping, and you will need to wear loose-fitting clothes around your waist for abdominal and hip work.

Both should leave you feeling relaxed. I would suggest not to plan a busy day following your sessions, allow time to digest them and for the energies to settle. Ideally I suggest allowing your experiences to settle, perhaps by writing them down before talking to anyone.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of your role as a therapist?
These are my hobbies, haha! I love my work so much it doesn’t feel like work at all. I also love herbalism, being with my family and my four children, seeing my close friends, walks in nature, watching the sea and hugging trees. I love reading books. I love walking the path of druidry.

If you are interested in trying Shamanic or Postpartum Healing with Eva, you can book your appointment here. Or call us on 01273 698687 to find out more about how Eva may be able to help you.