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What comes to mind when you think of holistic therapy? For many people, it’s an occasional massage or ozone sauna visit, maybe an acupuncture session as a birthday gift. Often – far too often, in fact – it’s a special treat. A rare bit of me-time and indulgence. Whilst that is a lovely experience, it has limited benefits to your wellbeing. Your health is your most important attribute, and to take care of it properly you need to make looking after yourself a habit.

Treat yourself

The odd treat is great – it helps you to relax, unwind and release endorphins to your brain to make you feel good. If you have a particular acute issue, a one-off treatment might be enough to help you feel better. But the benefits are more likely to be short-term.

Whilst relaxation and stress-relief are enjoyable in isolated incidences, spending time regularly reducing your stress levels is good for your mental health, your energy levels and your immune system.

Healthy habits

For particular illnesses or injuries, regular treatment is more likely to keep them at bay, and stop them from reoccurring. For example, a one-off sports massage to relieve over-worked muscles may help alleviate pain from a specific injury, but regular massages will keep your muscles in good condition to prevent any pain coming back. Whereas acupuncture can reduce period pain when you’re having a particularly bad episode, regular acupuncture treatment can manage your pain on an ongoing basis.

If your condition is chronic (i.e. one that can’t be cured completely), then rather than a one-off treatment to give you short-term relief, you would benefit more from ongoing sessions with a therapist who can hep you get more control over your wellbeing. The more you work together, the more they will understand your body and your needs and help you to live the best version of your life.

The benefits of any therapy are cumulative, which means the more treatment you have, the more benefits you get. One isolated session may give you a brief boost, but returning regularly to keep “topping up” your treatment is what will allow you to see real results.

Prevention is better than cure

Not only do more treatments give you more results in terms of alleviating existing issues, but regular wellbeing treatments can help to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.

One of the major benefits of holistic therapy is that it treats you as a whole person, not isolated symptoms or diseases. So by working with an expert who understands you as a whole, you can look after your body and mind in a way that keeps you well and allows you to be the best possible version of yourself.

Join the club

We know, though, that regular wellbeing treatments can be expensive. For many people, a weekly visit to a therapist is often unaffordable. But knowing how important they are, we wanted to do something about that. So we created the BeWell Club.

BeWell gives you access to regular treatments at heavily discounted prices, meaning that the more you visit us, the more you save. In this way, we hope to make the habit of health accessible to everyone, so that you can all live your best lives.

You can join our BeWell Club by clicking here. If you’d like to discuss what treatments might be useful to help you get well and stay well, give us a call on 01273 698687.