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Here are a few tips to look after your mind and body in this strange new world.

We are living through an experience that none of us have seen before in our lifetimes, so it’s no wonder that we’re all feeling on edge. Uncertainty about the future, in so many ways, can make looking after our physical and mental wellbeing challenging, even though this is when it is most important. So what can you do? 

Focus on what you can control

When everything feels chaotic and beyond your power, it can be distressing. Rather than getting overwhelmed by the number of things you can’t control, focus on the things you can. Taking the steps that you are capable of to influence your present and your future will make you feel empowered and stronger, as well as giving you focus and direction.

Keep to a routine

Maintaining some form of routine in your day is incredibly beneficial to your mental health, and enables you to schedule time to take care of your physical wellbeing too. Create a structure for your day – get up, get dressed and get ready as if you were leaving the house, and give yourself set sections of the day for different tasks, making sure you have a good work/life balance.

Reach out

Thanks to technology, being at home doesn’t mean being isolated. There are a huge variety of events and meet-ups taking place online that you can take part in; you can voice or video call friends and family; and you can reach out to a number of support services that are offering online consultations. There are even a number of therapists and coaches currently offering free sessions via video call, and Anahata practitioner Amadis has created online support groups. Make sure you stay connected.

Limit screen time

That said, spending too much time online can have a negative impact on your wellbeing. As well as eye strain, headaches, posture issues, inactivity and the potential damage from wifi signals, reading continual social media and news updates increases anxiety. Give yourself set times to check updates, as well as times to turn off the phone and computer and take a break from your screens.


Breathing slowly and deeply reduces anxiety and tension, and gets more oxygen into your body to support all your vital systems. Take a few moments throughout your day to just breathe deeply.

Move your body

The time we can all spend out and about exercising has just been radically reduced, but remember that the government instructions do allow for us all to go outside once a day to exercise (either alone or with members of your own household). Get outside in the fresh air and vitamin D for a walk, run or cycle if you can. You can also exercise inside – there are a number of online classes available, including our very own Tammy’s yoga classes, and simply stretching and moving around regularly will do your muscles, and your mind, the power of good.

Nourish yourself

If you’ve been struggling to get supplies recently, you may not have as well-stocked a cupboard as you’d like. But try, as much as possible, to eat healthily. It’s very easy when you’re under stress and feeling down to head straight for the quick sugar fixes, but in the long-term these deplete your energy levels and lower your mood, so they will only make matters worse. Have as many fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as you can, and drink water regularly. Foods that are rich in vitamin C and zinc are also great boosters for your immune system.

We’re sad not to be able to offer our services directly to you face-to-face during these difficult times, but the team at Anahata are available to support you in any way we can if you email us at Look after yourselves and we hope to see you very soon.