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Energy healing is a practice that’s growing in popularity, with ever-increasing numbers of people choosing this approach for naturally relieving pain, and rebalancing and repairing the body and mind. It can be particularly effective for clients who are feeling generally blue, especially over the winter period and suffering with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

What are the winter blues?

January is supposed to be the most depressing month of the year, and most people report feeling lower in energy and in mood over the winter months. Lack of sunlight, cold weather and shorter days, as well as a drop in socialising and tighter finances after the festive season, all contribute to making the first months of the year more challenging. If this annual mood slump has a substantial impact on your life and wellbeing, it may be SAD – a condition that affects an estimated two million people in the UK. SAD can cause sleep problems, lethargy, irritability and feelings of depression.

Forms of energy healing

There are many different forms of energy healing, but generally the name refers to any practice that works on the flow of energy throughout the body to help restore health (both mental and physical) and a sense of balance. At Anahata we offer:

Reiki – A natural energy healing therapy that brings the mind, body, heart and soul into balance and harmony. Reiki can also be performed as distant healing, and is available remotely during lockdown.

Sekhem – An energy healing that originated in the temples of ancient Egypt, rediscovered in 1980.

Shamanic healing and soul retrieval – A combination of Sacred Drum Healing, and Soul Retrieval and Journey work. These different tools are used to rebalance the energy field of your body.

How can these forms of energy healing help beat the winter blues?

Clients who arrive feeling foggy, lacking in energy, unmotivated and generally blue can be helped to:

  • Feel emotionally balanced when they are feeling low and more energised, helping with motivation
  • Have a clearer mind, making day-to-day challenges seem less overwhelming
  • Cleanse, balance and strengthen the energy body: clearing blocked energy, restoring the normal flow and releasing the energy that is contributing to the winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Relax the mind and body, helping you reconnect with your true self
  • Over time, return to a place of balance and physical wellbeing

Scientific research studies show there is strong evidence to support forms of energy healing as a therapy to reduce depression, anxiety and improve mood. Not only does it give the body and mind the opportunity to ‘reset’, helping to take the client back to who they were and how they felt before the winter blues took hold, but can act as a prevention for the blues taking hold in the first place.

Alongside energy healing, exposure to sunlight as much as possible throughout the winter months and plenty of sleep will also help to fight the winter blues.

To find out more and book your own Energy Healing session, click here. Or give us a call on 01273 698687 if you’d like to discuss which type might be most beneficial for you.