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If you follow Anahata on Instagram, you may already have some awareness of our Clinic Director Phil’s passion for learning, discovery and innovation in healthcare. In the first of a series, Phil talks about his passion for homemade remedies, and why he believes in sharing his knowledge for free.

Some facts are so shocking that you must either change the way you view the world in a radical way or enter what is known as “cognitive dissonance” and perhaps find that the item has been conveniently deleted from memory as a protective measure against the inner contradiction it would otherwise cause.

Spoiler alert, I am about to drop a couple of these.

Number 1: A newly introduced pharmaceutical drug only needs to be better than a placebo, it does not need to be better than the previous drug, which is now out of patent. This can lead to an older, cheaper, more effective treatment being discarded in favour of a more expensive but less effective one.

Number 2: A highly effective treatment for Hepatitis C costs the NHS in the region of £45,000 per patient, but the same treatment can be purchased from India for £600.

Perhaps the economics of the industry and the requirement for strict testing or some such thing excuses the above? I don’t think so.

The information about which medicine works best for which disease is constantly being interfered with by spin doctors who work for mega corporations. A simple, cheap, homemade treatment might very well work better than a shop-bought or prescription item.

Red clover, for instance, can be helpful for the symptoms of menopause and can be foraged for free, here on the Sussex Downs. Few doctors would suggest using this treatment despite its proven effectiveness in some studies, but why? NHS doctors may believe they are working for their patients, but may be totally unaware of how much they operate under the influence of pharmaceutical companies.

Another example is the various studies that have shown that bicarbonate of soda can be hugely beneficial for cancer patients. One study demonstrated that an injection of bicarbonate of soda reduced metastasis in mice with cancerous tumours. You may have thought that this 2009 study would have been all over the news, but of course it wasn’t – could that be because for just 60 pence you can buy enough bicarbonate of soda for a couple of months of treatment?

I am a proponent of homemade remedies, and I intend to write a series about my experience in producing high quality, healthy products in my own kitchen. I will write about my experiences with colloidal silver, liposomal vitamin C, red light therapy, and even perhaps C60 fullerenes in olive oil. I will reveal all and share exactly how these things can be made at home for huge savings in both money and health – and you can buy my products too from Anahata if you prefer not to make your own.

Now, before you accuse me of being yet another snake oil salesman, I have to share a link to this article which lists the very real benefits of, guess what? Snake oil.

Stay tuned for future blogs from Phil sharing his home remedy recipes, and pop into the Anahata clinic or visit our online shop to see what products we have available to buy. If you have any questions, just give us a call on 01273 698687.