Sedona online event

Jun 11, 2020 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Event Leader: Maya Zack Event Category: Sedona Method

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The Sedona Method is a very unique, simple, powerful & profound, yet practical and easy-to-learn technique that you can use to LET GO and so experience your true freedom.

I’m sure you’re very much aware of the concept of ‘letting go’.

But HOW do you actually do that?

With the Sedona Method you won’t need to ask that question anymore.

You’ll be able to release any uncomfortable emotions, negative thinking, stuff you’ve been carrying around you’d really love to move on from, or limiting beliefs – often right on the spot.

The method allows suppressed emotions and resistance to dissolve, sometimes even without directly addressing them.

Long-term transformation is quick. So you can finally be free of long standing and even life-long issues in a short period of time. This is whether blocks are mental, emotional and even physical.

This is not suppressing, denying or ‘forgetting’ about them. It’s becoming truly free of them.

Let go of stories, expectations and self-perceived limitations.

Releasing these will allow you to become truly open to possibilities.

  • You’ll be able to effortlessly break unwanted patterns & let go of blocks, whether they’re conscious or subconscious.
  • You can expect to experience some immediate results during your session.
  • Its focus is on feelings, not on trying to change thoughts.
  • It focuses on the present moment. You don’t need to go into past (or future) stories or revisit uncomfortable memories.
  • The method is ridiculously simple. You will very easily be able to continue using it yourself.
  • It can be completely content free. So if you don’t want to share stuff you feel is too personal, you don’t have to!

As a result, you can experience

  • Achieving goals far more easily & effortlessly
  • Developing your automatic ability to naturally choose to hold onto stuff or not.
  • Being present and experiencing more of that elusive Power of Now.
  • Directly experiencing a sense & feeling of being ‘unlimited’
  • Becoming far more self-aware
  • Becoming in charge of your emotional & mental state – no matter what your mind is chatting about!
  • Getting super-clear intuition
  • Experiencing more true peace, clarity and joy, no matter what circumstances life throws at you

The method consists of a series of questions I will ask you as you focus on a feeling, belief or limitation you’d like to be free of. And all you have to do is simply answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

After a round of questions you’ll feel a shift. I repeat the process, until it’s transformed or released.

That’s it! It’s practical & ridiculously simple.

About Maya Zack

Maya is an experienced hypnotherapist as well as one of the very few Sedona Method practitioners in the UK.

She specialises in confidence and performance-related issues, whether in work & business, academic performance including academic stress and anxiety, or in personal & social life.

She also works with these techniques as personal development tools for spiritual growth and self-exploration.

Her work is based around the present rather than the past. She believes that regardless of our history, we are able to access our true unlimited nature at any given moment, rather than be limited to ideas, beliefs and stories we tell ourselves of who we are based on those past experiences.

Maya’s work brings about fast results. Letting go of blocks such as fear and other uncomfortable feelings, limiting beliefs, we learn to become in charge of both our mind as well as master our emotions. As a result, they become tools rather than obstacles, ready to serve us and help us achieve our goals and dreams.


“I can’t believe how powerful (and quick!) the Sedona Method has been… I was much more present and less stressed. Maya has helped me learn to release deep seated fears and insecurities and I feel empowered to achieve my goals going forwards.”

Helen H., London, UK

“Before the sessions I was feeling shy and insecure, lethargic, unclear, fearful, distracted, irritable & restless. I learned that everything is quite simple really when letting go of anything I hold onto. I now feel much clearer, able to rest into the moment more easily, able to accept myself as I am in each moment and lighten in non-judgment of what arises. Thanks for everything, Maya! You’re work has helped me immensely! It’s been quite the journey, and it’s only the beginning.” Jill F, Morocco

This is an online, interactive workshop.

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