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Jul 13, 2024 to Aug 14, 2024

Event Leader: Deborah Woolf Event Category: Seasonal Immunity

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Strengthen your immunity: treat cold disease with heat 寒病溫治

You have the power to strengthen your immune system with this age old practice that harnesses the power of warming herbs and moxibustion to fight against colds, coughs and flu for the rest of the year.

Seasonal moxibustion treatment is an ancient Chinese preventative care method to strengthen the body, so as to avoid respiratory tract infections, colds and other low immune system problems arising in winter. It has been in use for over 300 years, and is still very popular in China. Seasonal moxibustion treatments use warming moxibustion on ginger and warming Chinese herbs as an external application to specific acupuncture points.

Summer – Sanfu Moxa 三伏灸

Sanfu moxa is applied on the three hottest days after summer solstice, a time when Yang is at its peak. This is the time to harness the heat of summer and strengthen your immune system for the coming autumn and winter months.

Winter – Sanjiu Moxa 三九灸

Sanjiu moxa  is applied on three days after winter solstice – the coldest days of the year. This is the time when Yang is at its weakest so Sanjiu supports and strengthens the Sanfu moxa treatment from the summer.

When can I have this treatment?

Summer: there are specific days every summer when doing this treatment is most useful and long-lasting: a course of treatments is a a course of treatment on 3 different days.

Winter: there are specific days every winter when doing this treatment is most useful and long-lasting: a course of treatments is a course of treatment on 3 different days.

What is involved?

On each visit to the Seasonal Moxa clinic, the acupuncturist will warm your back with moxibustion (a warming herb) which is placed on your back on various acupuncture points, over a slice of ginger. This feels warm and nice, and takes around 15 minutes. No needles are used.

Then the acupuncturist will put a special herbal mixture on the same points on your back, taping them in place. These need to stay taped to your back for 4 hours, after which you can remove them. Wash the area with soap and water and gently pat it dry with a clean cloth or towel.

Sanfu Moxa for Natural Immunity


There can be various different reactions to the treatment, including a sensation of heat, itching or redness on the points, which may develop into small blisters even 2 or 3 days after the treatment. If you do develop blisters, keep the area clean, cover with a plaster to protect it and do not pop the blisters. Do not put anything to cool the area on the blisters as you do not want to remove the special Yang effect of the herbs that have been applied with the Seasonal Moxa treatment.

Sanfu Moxa for Natural Immunity

Sanfu moxibustion dates for summer 2024

You will need to book all 3 of these dates for your course of treatment:

  • Sat 13 July 2024
  • Sat 3 August 2024
  • Wed 14 August 2024

Each session will last approximately 20 minutes.
A full course treatment (3 sessions) is £90.
When booking please change the search end date to 31st August 2024.
You will then be able to book all three Sanfu moxibustion sessions at once. 


I initially signed up for Summer Moxa treatment because I was suffering from a new allergy to my cat initiated by perfuse building dust from my neighbour having works done. It was so bad I was having regular nose bleeds due to the irritation of my nostril. I hoped to reduce my allergy reactiveness. The summer treatment reduced my allergic reactions significantly so my cat can sit on my lap again without me sneezing repeatedly. I only had one autumn cold. I went for the Winter treatment the morning after the longest night and having had a couple of days of significant menopausal symptoms. I was feeling low, exhausted and lethargic. The treatment feels just fantastic on such a miserable day. I had to do family food shopping afterwards and in my winter coat I felt like I was walking around in a sauna. The warmth reached the backs of my hands and the soles of my feet and felt deliciously supportive in the nonsense of the supermarket. I had no menopausal flushes all day and incredible energy, so I could make a hearty stew and some bread when I returned home. I look forward to my next two treatments of the set. AA, Hove

“My first experience of Sanfu moxa treatment was two years ago following a painful and debilitating winter after contracting pleurisy. I was so ill and my breathing so painful that I was determined to find a way of strengthening my immune system for the following winter. Sanfu moxa had a profound effect on me, with a deep warming sensation that gave me a whole new energy, I could breath more clearly and felt a real inner warmth which lasted for a sustained period beyond the treatment.
That winter I was completely cold and cough free and have subsequently had a further course of Sanfu and again no colds or coughs.
I was particularly keen to receive the Sanfu treatment last year with the threat of Covid 19 as I still have concerns that my lungs have been weakened from my earlier pleurisy. The practitioners at Anahata were attentive, professional and created a really relaxed atmosphere. I can’t imagine now approaching winter without having this treatment.
I would definitely recommend that everyone try Sanfu, you will not regret it!”—
CB, Brighton

“I’d never had Sanfu moxa before but really enjoyed the treatments. I found myself energised after each session but more importantly felt like I was less sick with colds and flu over the winter months. If I did become ill, I felt as though my recovery was quicker, I would definitely try it again.” — TW, Brighton

“The experience of having Sanfu moxa was really interesting. I was keen to try it: acupuncture including moxibustion has been very effective for me in the past. I felt a deep sense of warmth, a sensation which stayed with me for far longer than standard moxa. Also the pain relieving and positive effects, including the ease with which I could take a deep breath, lasted for a sustained time. I would recommend this treatment, especially for those keen to explore preventive approaches.” — TH, Brighton


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