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Sonic Stretches – Tuesday

Every Tuesday 10am – 11 am

Suitable for all levels, all equipment provided.


Sonic stretches is a combination of Vajrasati yoga and a Himalayan bowl sound bath.

This one hour class will consist of 40 minutes of yoga, followed by a 20 minute sound-bath for total relaxation and release, not just of the physical body, but also of the emotional, mental and energetic systems.

Vajrasati yoga explores the postures, breathing and meditation techniques of classical modern postural yoga from a unique and innovative perspective. The classes are suitable for all levels, body types and age groups – we encourage people to listen to their bodies, be kind to themselves and let the breath and energy flow.

The Himalayan bowls work on balancing the human energy systems – the cells of our bodies enjoy the vibration of sound. As the sound waves enter the body, sympathetic vibrations occur in every cell which helps to restore healthy organisation and harmonisation. The overall effect has been described as a deep massage at the molecular level.

In this morning class we will actively focus on raising the energy for the day.


60 mins yoga class: £9
60 mins yoga class for BeWell members: £7


Teachers teaching Sonic Stretches – Tuesday: