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Kundalini Yoga and Community Circle

Wednesdays 19:00 – 20:30

£9 drop-in
£6 BeWell member

All levels welcome, all equipment provided


Come along and experience the magic of the ancient technology of Kundalini through a variety of posture, breath and meditation. There will be an opportunity for community and connection with others through tea and a sharing circle for about 30 mins at the end if you wish to join us.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

This ancient practice serves to awaken the energy within, bringing an array of positive impacts, creating a space for freedom and clarity in body and mind. Kundalini Yoga is known as the ‘Yoga of Awareness’, a style of yoga that can lead to a profound sense of personal transformation on many levels.

Kundalini energy lives dormant in the spine – this style of yoga awakens this energy through pranayama (breathing), asana (postures), mudras (hand gestures), bandhas (body locks) and through mediation or the chanting of mantras – these processes in a set are collectively known as a ‘Kriya’. You could describe a Kriya as a beautiful poetic progression of a set of exercises, all interwoven, working together to create a synergistic effect upon the student. Every class has a different theme, and each Kriya is designed to have a different positive healing effect on all aspects of your being: physical, mental and spiritual.

The aim of each class is to allow you to experience a deep sense of peace within, a greater awareness of your own personal truth, an increase in your vitality and healing of what may need to be healed. By the end of every class you will feel energized and relaxed, focused and expansive, all at the same time.

Please note Kundalini Yoga practice is not about mastering difficult-looking exercises all are welcome, and modifications are always given so everyone can participate. 


Teachers teaching Kundalini Yoga and Community Circle: