Garlic for vampire relief

Vampires aren’t real… right? Well, it just so happens that viruses have a surprising amount in common with Count Dracula, including how they’re kept at bay.

Making liposomal vitamin C

Making Liposomal Vitamin C

What is liposomal vitamin C, why is it so incredible for your immune system, and how can you make your own?

Homemade Remedies: Colloidal Silver

In a previous post, Clinic Director Phil talked about his interest and expertise in creating homemade remedies. In the next post in this series, Phil tells you about the benefits of Colloidal Silver and how you can make your own. (Although we also sell ready-made Colloidal Silver at Anahata if you’d rather not!)

Homemade Remedies vs Pharmaceuticals

If you follow Anahata on Instagram, you may already have some awareness of our Clinic Director Phil’s passion for learning, discovery and innovation in healthcare. In the first of a series, Phil talks about his passion for homemade remedies, and why he believes in sharing his knowledge for free.