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We are so pleased to announce that, after a painful few months, Anahata has been renewed and restored and our doors are open once again.

Of course, Covid-19 has changed all aspects of our lives, and how we are able to run the clinic is no exception. We have been working hard over recent weeks to put a variety of safety measures in place to keep our clients and staff as safe as possible. Your health has always been, and remains, our top priority.

We’ve always been firmly dedicated to enabling our community to live their best lives by supporting all aspects of wellbeing, so it’s been hard for us during a global health crisis to have to shut our doors and not provide the treatments we know have been sorely needed. It’s a great relief to be able to get back to doing what we love and helping you all to manage the physical and mental challenges we’re currently facing.

What we can offer you in person

We have a wide range of therapists back in the building, and we hope to welcome many more back over the coming months. The following treatments are available to book now.


If you are experiencing pain in your muscles, joints, ligaments or nerves, our expert osteopaths are available to get to the bottom of the issues.


Acupuncture restores health simply by rebalancing the flow of Qi in the body, so any condition can be treated. It is equally effective in the treatment of both acute conditions (colds, flu, recent muscle sprains, urinary infections, etc.) and the more chronic, stubborn disharmonies.


Hypnotherapy is an effective way of changing unhelpful habits, behaviour or emotional thinking styles and encouraging new patterns to be laid down to create a happier, fulfilling and more successful lifestyle.


Reiki is commonly used to treat emotional and mental distress as well as chronic and acute physical problems. As energy healing doesn’t involve physical contact, it is perfectly suited to social distancing measures, and you can schedule your Reiki session now.

Ozone Sauna

Ozone therapy consists of introducing ozone gas, an energised form of oxygen, into the body. As well as helping with aches and pains, improving sleep, and giving you an enormous sense of wellbeing, ozone saunas have been shown to kills viruses and bacteria, so this is a great time to try it out.

Infra-Red Sauna

Our modern environment is full of toxins, which can accumulate in our bodies and cause a variety of problems. Infra-red saunas are a pleasant way of reducing the toxic load on our bodies and have been found to relieve pain, support lung function and help with skin problems. An infra-red sauna is also a far gentler experience than a regular sauna – more like being hugged than roasted!

Sanfu Moxa

This ancient Chinese method harnesses the power of summer to prevent the ailments of winter. On specific days at the height of summer, this herbal treatment can be used to avoid respiratory tract infections, colds and other low immune system problems arising in winter, as well as helping asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and many other lung related illnesses.

What’s available online

We also have several therapies available virtually.

You can book an online Nutritional Therapy consultation in order to manage your nutritional balance, and our experts will design your personalised nutritional and lifestyle programme.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is an ancient system of health care that has undergone continual development over the centuries, and can support various health issues and prevent disease. Herbal medicine is an excellent way to complement other health practices. Your practitioner can give you an online consultation to tailor the herbs precisely to you, then send you all the herbs you need with instructions for dosage and frequency.

The Sedona Method is a powerful technique to allow you to let go of uncomfortable emotions, negative thinking and limiting beliefs in order to move forward and be truly free. These online events will enable long-term transformation in an astonishingly short amount of time.

If you’re part of the post-pandemic baby boom that the media tells us is coming, but you’re feeling nervous about the birth, join Maya Zack for an empowering four-week hypnobirthing course that will help you to feel calm and in control no matter what the journey to motherhood throws at you.

What to expect when you visit us

Things will look a little different when you come to see us in the clinic.

All of our therapists will be wearing PPE, which will take a bit of getting used to, but underneath the masks and the gowns they are still the same caring and dedicated experts who are firmly on your side and here to find the right solutions for you.

We have installed regular hand sanitiser stations around the building, and installed a protective screen in our reception area. Our furniture has also been covered in plastic for ease of cleaning. All surfaces in the clinic are regularly disinfected.

When you come back to Anahata, you can be confident that we’ve taken every precaution to protect your wellbeing. And, as always, we’re empowering you to do the same.

Wellbeing for all

We are maintaining our commitment to making health and wellbeing accessible to everyone. That’s why we have introduced the BeWell membership.

When you become a BeWell member, you will be able to get all of your Anahata treatments at low-cost prices, no matter how many you have. This gives you the change to access varied and regular treatments at an extremely affordable rate.

We’re sure that, after three months of lockdown and all the associated anxiety, many of you will be eager to start, or return to, your wellbeing journey. So, to enable you to take advantage of as many treatments as possible, we’ve made the first month of BeWell membership available for HALF PRICE.

Click here to become a BeWell member.

If you were a regular Anahata customer before and currently have three or more stamps on your loyalty card, you can get your first month of BeWell membership absolutely free. Give us a call on 01273 698 687 to get started.

We’re looking forward to seeing you very soon. If you have any questions about visiting the clinic, please give us a call on 01273 698 687 or email