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Acupuncture focuses on the flow of energy in the body, making it incredibly relevant to the cyclical changes that women experience throughout their lives. We undergo a number of hormonal shifts on the journey from girl to wise woman, and these impact our bodies and lives in various ways.

From period pain to fertility issues, to pregnancy and post-natal care, to menopause and beyond, acupuncture provides support and relief when you need it most.

Acupuncture for your menstrual cycle

Your monthly cycle can sometimes seem like a real curse if you struggle with any of the wide range of physical and emotional difficulties that can go along with it.

Studies have shown that acupuncture can reduce period pain and lessen other symptoms associated with that time of the month, including PMS, breast tenderness, headaches, bloating fatigue, sleep disturbances, depression and food cravings.  Acupuncture also helps to stabilise periods – great for irregular or heavy periods.

Acupuncture is also effective in supporting people with endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and ovarian cysts.

Regular acupuncture treatment will help to relieve the discomfort and stress you currently associate with your period, allowing it to be more of a time of power than a curse.

Acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy

By directing blood flow to the reproductive organs and helping to regulate the menstrual cycle, acupuncture can significantly increase your chances of conceiving. Acupuncture can also boost the success of IVF and IUI.

During your pregnancy, acupuncture can reduce symptoms such as morning sickness, anaemia, back pain and constipation. It can also be used to turn breech babies and to induce labour, as well as to aid the birth itself.

After the birth, acupuncture can help increase your milk supply. It is also a natural way to look after yourself during the “baby blues” and can aid post-natal depression.

Acupuncture for the menopause

The hormonal fluctuations that characterise the different stages of menopause lead to a wide range of issues, such as hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, vaginal dryness, reduced sex drive and problems with memory and concentration.

Acupuncture eases these hormonal fluctuations, lessening the symptoms. Acupuncture regulates your metabolism and your body temperature, reducing those uncomfortable heat waves. By balancing the flow of energy in the body, acupuncture can smooth the transition into and through menopause, helping you to take charge of this new stage in your life.

Acupuncture for skin health

A number of skin conditions, from acne to psoriasis, are caused or exacerbated by hormonal changes. As acupuncture helps to regulate your hormones, many women see a vast improvement in these skin issues.

Acupuncture also increases blood flow and stimulates the circulatory system, which reduces puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles in the face and lessens the signs of ageing.

Whatever your stage or experience of womanhood, acupuncture can support you to embrace your natural feminine strength. Book your appointment online, or call 01273 6987 or email to find out more.